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FRINGE REVIEW: Seeking ...

Dating and single life comedic fodder, even though boy meets girl (and in one case married couple meets guy) is a pretty standard plot. For comedies like this, it all comes down to the characters. In “Seeking …,” three actors switch genders and personality types among three different couples. There is Carl and Vanessa, two friends putting themselves back into the dating pool, Nina and Anna, two recently single sisters, and Clare and James, a middle-aged married couple falling into martial doldrums. There is also Brick, a smooth player who makes chewing a toothpick a flirtatious art, and Adam, a self-described movie geek who is looking for a girl that like both “Will Shakespeare and Will Ferrell.” All three cast are strong, able to switch attitude, sex, age and even nationality almost effortlessly between scenes but the biggest scene stealers, however, were the unsuspecting male audience members brought on stage by the character Anna to improvise a speed-dating scene. All three men had poise and charm on stage, and one of them said even he was married. Guess it means all the good ones are taken, Anna. This play is highly recommended for couples or those on a first date.

Four and a half out of five stars.

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