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FRINGE REVIEW: Mostly Water - 15 Minutes

Mostly Water Theatre returns to the Fringe with a slightly different offering for 2010, in 15. It is the story of a prodigal drunk, Efren Askew, who is capable of writing some of the world’s most avant garde literature when he goes on week long benders, but in a Jekyll and Hyde fashion, cannot remember or even understand his own writing when he comes to. Unlike Mostly Water’s previous efforts, which were a series of hilarious sketches with an underlying theme, in 15, they bring forth their first fully cohesive narrative, which follows Efren’s rise and fall, from his humble taxidermist beginnings, through his meteoric rise to fame as a literary celebrity, and to his eventual fall from grace and mysterious death. Mostly Water consistently offers one of the funniest shows in town, and despite moving away from rapid-fire sketches, 15 proves that the group has the chops to pull off comedic narrative that is both critical of celebrity culture and an ironic glorification of literature- all in fifty minutes. The troupe continues to blend various media with their work, and this year’s offering of videos, set as commentary during the VH1-like special, proves to be exceptionally uproarious, with excellent turns from a stuffy intelligentsia and an even funnier, flamboyant literary blogger who steal the show with their short performances. Additionally, a song, inspired by Efren’s work, featuring a spot-on farcical collaboration by some of Canada’s top pop-rock musicians had the audience roiling with laughter. 15 is another side-splitting outing by Mostly Water and is sure to pack the house at this year’s Fringe. Four out of five stars.

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