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FRINGE REVIEW: It's Raining In Barcelona

This is what the Fringe was created for.  A bold script from emerging talent, Pau Miro, expertly performed by Leora Joy Godden and Jeffrey Pufahl.  While Alan Long's performance as David left something to be desired - perhaps due to opening night jitters - Pufahl absolutely dominates the stage, both charismatic and subtly menacing.  The chemistry between Godden and Pufahl is obvious, with Godden playing the perfect foil to Pufahl's oafish Carlos.  Taking place largely within the confines of one room, the spartan yet beautifully coloured set creates an effective backdrop for Miro's Barcelona.  Replete with peeling wallpaper, one can almost feel the rats scurry about the floor.  Though there are some issues with the script, there is a tenacious honesty about it, all but bereft of any pretentiousness.  The working-class drama echoes the spirit of classic works by Steinbeck and Hemingway without descending to mawkish parody.  An absolute must see.

Four out of five stars.

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