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FRINGE REVIEW: Guys In Disguise Classic in 3D

Guys in Disguise Classic III in 3D has all the qualities you’d want in an evening out at a drag show; subversive malapropisms, tawdry music, fake boobs, and glorious costumes.  You know the costumes and caliber of performance is in another league from the first number and the cast keeps the energy up and the audience engaged throughout the entire performance.  We have guest appearances from the likes of Carol Channing, Liza Minnelli, Peggy Lee, Cher (to the power of three), Julie Andrews (with a notably dirtier mouth than we are used to), Dame Edna and more.  The biggest thrill of the show comes via the impersonations of Terri Stevens who even does her own singing in one of the numbers.  I’d recommend this show to anyone who loves drag and to first-timers alike.  Expect Chicago-style dance numbers, an increasingly inebriated Queen, and everything in between as these impressive queens reveal the trash-talking, undersexed, sordid underbelly of women’s lives.  Oh, and you can save your loonie on the glasses because there is no 3D. 

Four and a half out of five stars.

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