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When Wallace puts on his plush mascot gear, he goes from outcast to heartbreaker.  As Wally the Woodchuck he learns that “everything’s better when you’re in a costume”.  His new cheerleader girlfriend thinks so, at least.  Game Face serves up fairly standard glee club vs. football team drama.  In trying to break this mould with unexpected plot twists the story gets a little convoluted.  Ultimately we get to see that, while Wallace is the one with a physical costume, everyone else is putting on some kind of disguise.  I wasn’t convinced by Wallace as a pathetic nerd – he’s more self-assured than any of the math geeks I grew up with.  Aside from the overall feeling that these characters are too mature to be high schoolers, the script captures a few magical moments of perfect teenage awkwardness.  Game Face also gets extra points for creative staging.

Two out of five stars.

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