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FRINGE REVIEW: Die Roten Punkte

Playing to an undoubtedly hung over packed house, the requisite Fringe weirdness was out in full force this afternoon for Die Roten Punkte.  With bad-in-the-best-way-possible German accents, overly excessive fog machine use and an appropriately shrill brother-sister relationship, Punkte barrels through its hour long running time the only way Astrid and Otto Rot know how - through the power of rock.  From hilariously retelling their formative years in Berlin through rock opera to performing "The Artiest Song In The World", this is a show that succeeds through its music, only  missing the obvious opportunity for a Kraftwerk parody.  As bombastic as everyone would have you believe, Die Roten Punkte is a fantastic addition to anyone's Fringe schedule, and one you would do well not to pass up.

Four out of five stars.

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