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FRINGE REVIEW: War & Therapy

Written by and co-starring clinical psychologist Dr. Paula J. Caplan, WAR & THERAPY addresses combat veterans’ mental suffering through the based-on-real-life character of a female soldier experiencing symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The soldier wants to name the illness because a diagnosis equals not only a cure but insurance money; the therapist is reluctant to reduce the ambiguities of war to a label. In trying to adhere to the facts, this production commits similar oversimplifications. While the play raises significant and controversial issues, the characters tell too much directly to the audience rather than through real dialogue, and the actual resolution comes off as contrived – real life is necessarily more complicated. At only 30 minutes, this is a workshop production. The actors host a talkback session afterwards; several social activists were in attendance at the first show. The discussion here could serve to flesh out a more in-depth exploration.

Two stars out of five.

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