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FRINGE REVIEW: The Supervillain Monologues

Dr. Impossible has a lot of time on his hands. Locked away in an enhanced security prison after his plans for world domination through giant robots was thwarted by superheroes, he has nothing much to do but hope chocolate milk will be on today’s menu or wonder if all his super-villainous acts were really compensating a major inferiority complex. With that intro, Atlanta-based puppeteers and actors Lucky Yates and Christian Danley put themselves at the mercy of randomly shuffled panel cards on a stand that dictates which skit to do next. Just about every one is side-splitting funny, incorporating puppets, Muppets, strange wigs, stranger voices, and unexpected walk-ons from other Fringe performers. Very little is off limits. Baby dolls are ruthlessly killed, a Portuguese Ham-burglar does unspeakable acts with a Big Mac, a serious discussion on “boobies” breaks out at the 2010 Villains’ Convention, a Muppet Robin confides about having Bruce Wayne as a sugar daddy, and in a satiric hat tip to Canada, a denim-wearing super villain from Edmonton has discovered the best way to destroy Calgary is to simply let Stephen Harper remain in office. One of the funniest hours you can spend at the Fringe, even if you're not Comic Book Guy. Four and a half out of five stars.

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Hunn_13 wrote:

Our family enjoyed The Supervillain Monologues. Dr. Impossible's scenes allow the audience to return to a grounding point, to breathe and reflect, before the next sketch and hilarity ensures. Thank you Christian and Lucky. See the show, it is worth the time.

With regards to the above review, I believe the performance would be appreciated best without knowledge of the specific events happening (spoilers).

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