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FRINGE REVIEW: Fortress Mentality

We've all been there. Questioned our futile surroundings and battled with unhinging isolation, even amongst a room full of people. In Tom Blazejewicz's 'Fortress Mentality'--for which he pondered over for nearly a decade before inking it out in "about 16 hours"--a young man (Mat Simpson) is presumably cut off from the rest of society, for whatever reason, and evades absolute and perhaps voluntary exile by sharing his thoughts and criticisms with his seemingly flawless Nymph (Loriel Medynski). That is until his solitary fortress is breached by another human life (Justen Bennett) with a fellow fate. Now, he must juggle the risks with the possibilities of engaging in simple conversation with his first contact in "a very long time." Blurred settings, of both time and place, lend a genuine intrigue for this uncluttered hour-long drama, strewn with intermittent humour. Despite the occasional head scratch (maybe it's just me!), its weighty monologues, clever outline, and Simpson's consuming lead made 'Fortress Mentality' worth my precious time.

Three and a half out of five stars.

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clarity23 wrote:

Sounds like a oomplex and intriguing story....sounds like a must see for me personally. May be something I can relate too.

on Aug 13th, 2010 at 7:22pm Report Abuse

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