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FRINGE REVIEW: Death on the Bridle Path

Evelyn Reese (brainchild of Torontonian Susan Fischer) is office secretary meets Broadway baby boomer. With her oversized glasses, minidress and killer legs askew, she resembles a praying mantis – her flails recall Liza Minnelli’s vertigo sufferer on Arrested Development. Reese’s comic foil is young coworker Jamie, who has written a murder mystery to showcase her onstage bravado. It is second fiddle Tony Babcock, though, playing Jamie playing Detective Mack Delaney (just go with it) who steals this thing. His performance is as subtle as Evelyn Reese is ostentatious, and you just root for the flustered wannabe playwright. Reese takes some well-aimed shots at Canadian stereotypes (Holt Renfrew-lunching ladies aren’t safe in their mansions), and there are some hometown zingers lovingly tossed in. But the real slaying victim is theatrical convention. This is a fearless and joyful homage to all of the worst Fringe shows you have ever seen – or acted in.

Four out of five stars.

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