The Splatter Matters Now

Splatter Matters: Helping people in need, one exploding corpse at a time.

Dedfest presents: Splatter Matters
Featuring Helldriver and Machine Girl
Ziedler Hall (Citadel Theatre)
Friday, May 6, 7 p.m.
Tickets: $12 at the door (18 +)

Like using a shotgun to make people quiet, or destroying the earth in order to save it, Splatter Matters is a testament to the horror genre. A fundraiser that uses movies about death and destruction to benefit those who are affected by death and destruction is a perfect way to help people out in this mixed up world. And if people are upset by it, then I guess any press is good press.

“You know Japan contributed Godzilla to world cinema and just because something actually happens doesn’t mean you have to shy away from it all,” says co-producer Derek Clayton. “We are never really too concerned; if people get their knickers in a knot over a fundraiser then so be it. There is a whole crew of people that will come out to support the event anyway. People would rather see something like that on screen, but when bad times come, horror movies flourish. It’s a release.”

Through Japan Society’s Japan Earthquake Relief Fund, Splatter Matters hopes to use a couple of Japan’s goriest movies to help the cause. It’s an obvious contrast to the senses, but at the same time, makes total sense. Why not use something that is evidence to the creativity of Japanese society in order to help itself?

“We love the whole genre and it is taken very seriously in Japan,” Clayton explains. “We are thankful to the contributions to horror culture. And what some people don’t understand is that these films are very funny, goofy and silly, they aren’t torture porn. We were always good at classifying genres and sub genres, but we never classified slapstick gore, and for these two films that title is perfect. Sure, it’s exploding heads but almost in a Bugs Bunny cartoon kind of way...well, a Bugs Bunny cartoon with way more gore.”

The two films, Helldriver and Machine Girl, are exactly what you would expect; a double bill of faceploding gorefrenzy that is exactly what it sounds like. But, it is the extreme ‘over the top-ness’ within it all that makes it all ok. Someone isn’t just hit by a car. They are torn apart by a car that is made out of other people who were torn apart by cars. It shows a sense of humour. A sense of humour that Clayton embraces whole (exploding) heartedly.

 “We’ll just wait for something horrible to happen to put on another fundraiser,” Clayton jokes. “No, we want to show these films because we love them and we want to help those in need; it is that simple. There will also be vendors, prizes and of course there will be alcohol. You know to help people deal with the trauma of the films.”

I’m guessing there will be a 10 drink minimum.


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