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2008 Autumn Fashion

If Looks Could Kill, Autumn Fashion Might Look Something Like This.

On October 2, 2007, the four sharp dressed members of local rock outfit The Ambrose Bierce Project mysteriously disappeared following what would be known as their final gig at a downtown nightclub. Despite hundreds of eyewitness accounts from that night, their bodies have never been found.

In months leading up to their disappearance, rumours about tensions between the famously stylish band members had been circulating: jealously fueled arguments between frontman Red and drummer Slim were obvious, bassist Angel and tambourine girl Honey frequently fought.

Fans speculated the band’s fate was more complicated than the result of fallout from a simple love triangle, and tall tales began to crop up explaining their demise, eventually becoming the stuff of urban legend: Did Slim stage an elaborate murder-suicide between the three other members and escape with the band’s modest riches and drug supply? Did the girls finally catfight it out? Did they simply overdrink or overdose? And what happened to the bodies?

One year later, we are inspired to try to answer one of the ultimate mysteries of Edmonton hipster lore: whatever happened to The Ambrose Bierce Project?

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